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        1. 工業設計論壇|產品設計論壇

          關于我們 - 產品設計案例 - 產品設計過程 - 結構材料工藝 - 聯系我們 - 設計網址大全 - 設計論壇  
          產品設計 ->  電力&自動化 ->  小型斷路器 產品類別



          Miniature circuit breaker: Professional and reliable Miniature circuit breaker design mainly considers the function of products. Appearance is very concise, the exposed structure to reveal the characteristics of the product itself. Different facial color metal parts and plastic parts is tie-in, harmonious and unified. Cooling hole in order, and details is very perfect. With the structure as exterior impact the user's vision, also reflected the reliability of products, in line with the circuit breaker this kind of product characteristics .



          作為一款控制儀器,其嚴謹,科學,可信賴的感覺十分重要。設計摒棄了所有浮華的裝飾與花哨的造型,強調此類儀器應有的專業感與品質感。經過精心設計的形態,其鍵面圖形有著明確的指示作用。 設備形式緊湊,適合使用,整體有著低調而和諧的色彩搭配。

          We need to make it an impression of simplicity, scientific and credible. So in this design we get rid of sall the garish decoration and exaggerated form, but only give it a sense of light quality and professional as it should be. The waterproof buttons, which we design meticulously for it, all have a pattern on each of them, showing its function as a clear guidance for users. The equipment have a compact figure,. And it also fulfils user’s preference in team of color, which is clear, light and harmonious.

          家居家電  House appliances

          數碼產品  Consume electronic

          照明燈具  Lighting

          電力&自動化  Elec.&Auto.

                斷路器   Circuit breaker

                高、低壓柜   Voltage cabinet

                環網柜   Ring Main Unit

             小型斷路器   Circuit breaker

                EIB智能家居   Smart household

                光伏逆變器   Power inverter

                伺服驅動   Servo drive

                機器人手臂   Robot arm

          工業工具  Tools

          醫療&安防  Medical&Security

          交通工具  Vehicle

          界面&平面  UI&Graphic

          其他  Others


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