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        1. 工業設計論壇|產品設計論壇

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          產品設計 ->  家居家電 ->  脫毛儀 產品類別

          針對現代女性所設計,它的外觀是由光滑彎曲的表面和易于握持的形狀構成。其結構緊湊,符合人體工程學的形狀簡單的用戶界面使外觀更舒心。 操作開關容易操作,因為它的形式和觸覺,柔美的線條和優雅的形態使產品更具親和力度。色彩采用白色和暖灰色,顯得更加優美。

          convenient., harmony, brand consistency
          Designed for modern woman . The product overall appearence is defined by curved smooth surface and easy-to-reach handle that harmonises with the bady shape.its compact,ergonomic shape and simple user interface feedback give the appliance a smooth and reassuring apperance.The operation switch is easy to handle because of its form and hapic touch. the line of gentle and graceful form make the product more affinity. The product using white and dark grey color , appear to be more elegant.



          Panel regional is made of the integration smoothing PMMA plate, achieve functional boundaries by screen printing Using electrostatic induction keys to achieve operational eliminate the water conductivity, and ensure the safety of use, which will enable the panel stronger overall sense. 




          家居家電  House appliances

                縫紉機   Sewing machine

                電餅鐺   Electric baking pan

                電熨斗   Electric iron

                飲水機   Water dispenser

                凈水器   Water purifier

                電話機   Phone

             脫毛儀   hair remover

                啤酒機   Beer Machine

          數碼產品  Consume electronic

          照明燈具  Lighting

          電力&自動化  Elec.&Auto.

          工業工具  Tools

          醫療&安防  Medical&Security

          交通工具  Vehicle

          界面&平面  UI&Graphic

          其他  Others


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