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        1. 工業設計論壇|產品設計論壇

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          產品設計 ->  家居家電 ->  縫紉機 產品類別

          簡單易用 Simple and convenient
          150多年來,無論是在全球繁華的大都市,還是在偏遠的小山村,說起縫紉機,人們就會提起勝家,勝家已是縫紉機的同義詞。 美國勝家縫紉機可以說是全世界最受歡迎的家用產品之一。歐愛設計為盛家開發了一款家庭使用的縫紉機收到客戶好評。

          Since 1851, Whether it is in the bustling metropolis of the world Or in the small mountain village in remote, the name Singer has been synonymous with sewing. Sewing machine of Singer is one of the most popular house-used products in the world. Now Singer becomes OiOi Design's new customer, and OiOi Design COM. have designed a sewing machine for Singer and received his praise.



          The Singer Brand   Singer holds a unique place in the sewing industry-past, present and future. The brand has over 150 years of history, is sold in over 190 countries worldwide. Singer is the inventor of the category. Consumers have a very positive attitude towards Singer. Worldwide, Singer is the leading name brand for sewing consumers today. Its unaided Brand awareness ranges at over 80%, aided awareness is over 90%.


          Machines Today   As with many product categories, sewing machines have a tendency to look very similar: Choices have become driven by elements that are not the most important to the consumer: Stitch counts have been marketed as a key differentiating feature. In reality most sewers admit to using a very few all the time, and stitches only ranked 7 out of ten most important features to the sewer.
          The most important items for consumers are: The right Feature Set; The Brand; Price and value .


          What Consumers Want? By far, the largest consumer segment is the Young Learners; they are the biggest opportunity. Mechanical machines are right for them because: They offer the right feature set for them; Singer is the Brand they trust; These machines offer the right value for a price they can easily afford The Young Learner told us she wants: Ease of Use Through simple features I can understand; Reliability; To make fewer mistakes; Innovation That will make my task easier The Features That will enable my creativity Singer is the ideal brand, recalling the past they have known and loved, and fit for the present world they live in today.


          Inspiration: A consumer-centric machine? Consumers want dials that are clearly marked, easy to grip, and effortless to operate. Consumers liked our design and said it looked clean, easy to understand and use. Error-free Threading, Fast, Easy, No Errors, Sure Fit  Bobbin, Top-loading: Easy to access, See-thru cover: You can see when it is running out One-fit load, impossible to load incorrectly. Over 70% of our panelists found these features important. Stay Bright LED A modern convenience that addresses the second-most asked for feature by consumers-- lighting that won’t burn out. One-Step Button Holer, Convenience of a tailor-fit buttonhole, Easy, seamless operation, One of the top three features most desired by sewers The best of old and new can be perfect formula for a brand with heritage that is updated for today. The Inspiration profile recalls the softer, more feminine lines distinctly remembered in the original Singer machines. It’s been updated with a contemporary look and feel. This design was preferred over conventional designs 2:1 by young learners and proficient sewers.


          縫紉機效果圖   Sewing machine design




          家居家電  House appliances

             縫紉機   Sewing machine

                電餅鐺   Electric baking pan

                電熨斗   Electric iron

                飲水機   Water dispenser

                凈水器   Water purifier

                電話機   Phone

                脫毛儀   hair remover

                啤酒機   Beer Machine

          數碼產品  Consume electronic

          照明燈具  Lighting

          電力&自動化  Elec.&Auto.

          工業工具  Tools

          醫療&安防  Medical&Security

          交通工具  Vehicle

          界面&平面  UI&Graphic

          其他  Others


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